Cake Off

Teams design & decorate a company themed cake

1.5 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - 200


Teams are provided with basic ingredients and resources to custom design and decorate a pre-cooked cake. Teams employ all aspects of Cake Decorating from drawing and concept design, through to cutting, stacking, shaping, and most importantly layering and decorating. A range of bonus challenges can also be completed in order to gain additional decorations or big ticket items which could be the difference between cake success or failure. Once complete teams line up their cakes and present the inspiration behind their decorations. The judges choose a winning team and award a prize for the best cake!

Learning Outcomes

Cake-off highlights the benefits of individual participation and team collaboration while incorporating business specific objectives and organisational values. Resources and time are scarce so skillful decision making and team dynamics are important.

Teams have the freedom to think creatively and learn to utilise collaborative innovation in designing their themed cake. The satisfaction of creating a work of art together is inspiring and memorable for all.

Related Testimonial

We were really surprised that a seemly simple concept as this could incorporate our organisational values and specific conference objectives. All teams enjoyed this hands on, creative activity with all individuals participating to produce an intriguing array of diverse cakes!


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