Heroes of Troy - Online

Build a mythological dream team

2 - 3 hours
12 - Unlimited


Heroes of Troy - Online is a web based strategic business game designed for teams working remotely. Participants join the game via a video conferencing tool. Participants are immediately plunged into a mythological world of ancient times just before the famous Trojan War. The theme is the well-known love story of Paris and Helen of Troy from Greek mythology. Participants accompany the main characters on their escape to Troy. Their goal is to arrive as quickly as possible and with as many soldiers to safety inside the Trojan walls. Teams digest and discuss information provided in a break out group. They decide on the winning strategy, choose the best team of heroes and the optimal path to Troy. Situations change throughout the game requiring teams to apply agile thinking, collaborative decision making under the pressure of time.

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Learning Outcomes

Heroes of Troy Online is a fun strategic game that demands collaboration, good communication and tactical and strategic thinking. Spurred on by the mythological theme, competitive challenge and brevity of time, teams enhance and develop skills appropriate to working remotely. Agile planning is a must as teams adapt to constantly changing conditions. Heroes of Troy online can be used as a training tool for remote teams with the evaluation of teamwork afterwards, or as a completely entertaining program with the aim of networking, socializing and integrating participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

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